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Srikakulam voters list : Srikakulam Parliamentary Constituency voters list(including all assembly constituencies) is available here. Click the below link to check your voter details.

Please select the district as “Srikakulam” and then choose your respected Assembly
Constituency from the below list.

  • 120-Ichchapuram
  • 121-Palasa
  • 122-Tekkali
  • 123-Pathapatnam
  • 124-Srikakulam
  • 125-Amadalavalasa
  • 126-Etcherla
  • 127-Narasannapeta
  • 128-Rajam (SC)
  • 129-Palakonda (ST)

Please Fill at least HouseNo or Name or IdcardNo and then finally click on Search button.

Please Click here to verify Srikakulam Voters list