Srikakulam Information

About Srikakulam :

* Where North India meets South India

* Where gushing Rivers rush through lush green hill tops to reach Bay of Bengal.

* Where the golden sands on beaches couple with variety of flora and fauna.

* Where ancient Hindu temples flourish side by side with Buddhist monuments.

* Where traditional agricultural forms go hand in hand with modern Industry.

Welcome to that Paradise Srikakulam

A land of glorious history, rich cultural past and peaceful religious living. The modern Industries and latest trends in developmental spheres with natural riches make the districts unique in all respects.

Formed 1950, Srikakulam District is on to East Coast of India in Andhra Pradesh where North meets South. The District is blessed with perennial rivers, the Nagavali, the Vamsadhara, the Mahendra Tanaya and the Bahuda. The coastal belt of over 193 kms. on the East, andthe Eastern Ghatts which has Mahendragiri as the highest peak on the West and lush green forests, a large hard working population and rich mineral wealth are its strength.

Historically, Srikakulam is a part of Kalinga kingdom which was ruled by the kings of Eastern Ganga Dynasty for more than 800 years from 6th to 14th Centuries A.D.

During the early centuries and even before Christ Buddhism flourished here and the excavations of Salihundam, Jagathimetta and Danthapuri reveal that the people enjoyed rich cultural life and that they were peace loving.

The land is famous for so many temples with exquisite sculpture which are like LYRICS ON STONE. The Sun temple at Arasavilli the temple of tortoise incarnation of lord Vishnu at Srikurmam, Bheemeswara, Someswara and Madhukeswara Temples of Srimukhalingam, Gokarneswara at Mahendragiri, Radhagovindaswamy at Meliaputti and Sangameswara Temple at Sangam, a place of confluence of three rivers, are famous places of worship, promoting religious tourism in the District.

During the Mohammadan Rule the great Jamia Masjid was built in 18 century at Srikakulam by Shermohammad Khan and still famous in the religion. Christianity flourished at various places with ancient Churches built at Srikakulam, Palakonda and Sompeta etc.

Irrigation Projects at Narayanapuram on the Nagavali, G o t t a b a r r a g e o n Va m s a d h a r a , K a l i n g a d a l a o n Mahendratanaya provide abundant water resources throughout the District. Easternghat rock formations are endowed with rich mineral wealth producing granite blocks in Srikakulam. Srikakulam Blue granite variety is one of the chief export varieties of the District. Other varieties are Sea weaves, Bahama Blue, Peacock green flash blue and white galaxy etc.

Fishing has always been major sources of income to the people of the Coastal area. Uddanam which is often identified with Malabar Coast of Kerala for its scenic beauty of nature. With a green cover over 30,000 acres is covered with plantations of Jack fruits, Cashew, Coconut, Mango and Almound. The district is inching forwards with establishment of various industries of Jute, Chemical, Paper, Baverages, Sugar, Pistons and Piston rings, Power Generations and ethanol etc., are some of major sources of productive activity. Industrial park at Pydibheemavaram and Agrichem Factories are only a few mentions. Cashew processing factories are operated at Palasa.The district is famous Worldwide for its fine Khadi Cloth Woven by weavers of Ponduru, Bronze handicrafts known for their artistic excellence. Modern Jute Handicrafts are produced by DWCRA groups in almost all the villages. The luminaries of Srikakulam contributed to the World in all major activities of creative spheres Art, Literature and Culture.

Kalaprapurna Gidugu Ramamurthy Panthulu and Kalaprapurna Gidugu Seethapathi are the champions of spoken Telugu and Savara Languages, Kalaprapurna Chatti Purnaiah Panthulu in Theatre arts, Kalaprapurna Tripurana Prasadaraya Kavi in Literature and recipients of Kendra Sahitya Awards Balivada Kantha Rao and Kalipatnam Rama Rao in Literature are some of the famous personalities who brought glory to Srikakulam District.

Kathanilayam a reference library for Telugu short stories established by Kalipatnam Rama Rao is a place of interest to Telugu story lovers of Andhra Pradesh and abroad. Indian Hercules Kodi Ramamurthy Naidu and Weight Lifter Karnam Malleswari contributed in large scale to the greateness of Srikakulam District. Mogadalapadu, Kalingapatnam, Akkupalli, Baruva etc., developing as beach resorts attracting many tourists.

Main Rivers
Nagavali, Vamsadhara, , Mahendratanaya, Champavathi, Bahuda and Kumbikotagedda are the main rivers of Srikakulam district.

Latitude of Srikakulam city : 18 – 20 and 19 -10 North Longitude of Srikakulam city : 83 – 50 and 84 – 50 East

Revenue Divisions in Srikakulam District
In Srikakulam District there is 3 Revenue Divisions

Railway Station in Srikakulam District
Srikakulam Road Railway Station
Ichchapuram Railway Station
Palasa Railway Station
Naupada Junction Railway Station
Sompeta Railway Station

Bus Station in Srikakulam District
Srikakulam Bus Station
Amudalavalsa Bus Station
Narasannapeta Bus Station
Pathapatnam Bus Station
Viraghattam Bus Station
Ichchapuram Bus Station

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