As per provisional reports of Census India,Srikakulam Municipal Corporation Town has a population of 126,003 in 2011; of which male and female are 62,583 and 63,420 respectively.
It was formed as a municipality in the year 1856 and was upgraded to corporation on 9 December 2015.

River Nagavali flows through Srikakulam town. There is a historical old bridge on river Nagavaly in the town that was constructed by British colonial rulers in 1854 and still in use but restricted for light vehicles. There are two other bridges: one at Day & Night Junction and other for one-way traffic at Kottaroad junction. Srikakulam town is surrounded by many villages and people daily come for work from different sides, walking or cycling. The town needs another walking bridge at Collector’s Bungalow to facilitate good traffic for the walkers. Srikakulam town is located at (lat: 18o18′ N, lon: 83o54′ E).

Srikakulam was capital of Muslim kings. Ruined tombs of Muslim kings are still seen in Srikakulam town. This is the biggest municipality of the four municipalities of the district. It has the history of 150 years. At present it has 36 wards


Time Period Name
1905–1911 T.V.SivaraoPantulu
1912–1915 S.AdinarayanaRao
1915–1918 D.SankaraSastrulu
1918–1921 Shilpa Bendi
1921–1926 Chatti PurnayyaPantulu
1926–1929 M.V.Kamayyashetti
1929–1931 H.Suryanarayana
1931–1938 M.V.Ranganadham
1938–1942 Challa NarasimhaNaidu
1946–1949 B.V.RamanayyaSetty
1949–1952 Gynate Venkatarao
1952–1956 Ippili Laxminarayana
1956–1961 Pasagada Suryanarayana
1962–1963 Maturi Ramarao
1963–1964 L.Suryalingam
1967–1970 M.A.Ravuf
1970–1972 Ippili Venkatarao
1981–1992 A.V.Narasimham(varam)
1995–2000 Duda BhavaniSankar
2000–2005 Paidisetti Jayanthi
2005–Present M.V.Padmavathi